$161.25 Million in Local Aid Grants Awarded

The New Jersey Department of Transportation just announced $161.25 million in Local Aid grants to counties to repair and rehabilitate county roads and bridges throughout New Jersey. The grants are funded by New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund which was renewed and replenished several years ago.

Every one of New Jersey’s 21 counties will benefit from these vitally important funds. Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti’s Department has done an admirable job administering this important program. Now it’s up to New Jersey’s county governments to expedite project delivery and reinvest these dollars back into local transportation infrastructure.

Counties should rely on the expertise of consulting engineers to maximize the value of every dollar spent. Counties should also lean on the NJDOT’s recently launched Local Aid Resource Center. Counties should tap into the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank to leverage dollars even further. I-Bank Executive Director David Zimmer is a public finance wizard and word needs to get out about the amazing work he is doing. Lastly, counties must follow NJDOT’s procurement practices and select professional services like design and engineering based on their qualifications and expertise. Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) saves money by making sure every dollar is spent wisely and efficiently and is codified in New Jersey and Federal law.

Contact ACECNJ with any questions regarding NJDOT’s County Aid program or to discuss these issues further.

A county-by-county breakdown of the grant awards is here.

NJDOT Update Strong FY 19 Awards and Asphalt Tonnage Numbers

NJDOT’s Fiscal Year 2019 project awards exceeded expectation and finished with strong numbers. Continuing on a trend to maintain its roadway assets, NJDOT has let and award more paving projects than last year and 2017. With the end of the fiscal year on June 30, NJDOT has awarded 120 projects with bid values of $947.71 million with asphalt tonnage of 1.712 million. That tonnage is the most since 2013.

Looking ahead to Fiscal Year 2020, NJDOT has projected 101 projects, which will include 23 paving projects, 5 pavement preservation projects, 36 bridge projects, and 37 other project types (which include pavement markings, sign structures, drainage, safety and operations and other infrastructure improvements). Many of the bridge and other projects will include asphalt pavement. The estimated value of these projects is between $693 million and $1.408 billion.