Legislation to Require Use of Glass in Asphalt Mixes Introduced

Senator Bob Smith (D-17) has recently introduced Senate Bill 4145 which requires the use of glass in asphalt mixtures for NJDOT projects. The bill has been reviewed by both the NJAPA Technical Committee and the NJAPA Environmental Committee. The consensus from both groups was that while NJAPA has no objection to the use of glass in asphalt pavements broadly, the material has not been used in NJ for many years for a variety of reasons. Further the legislation as written raises a number of questions including definitions of waste glass and fine asphalt mixtures, who would be responsible for having the material approved as an aggregate and included on the State Qualified Products List, and how would the State determine availability and pricing of the material as a component of a larger bid package as required by the bill. It was also noted that glass has a tendency to attract vermin and create a foul odor.

In addition, should the State want to require use of an inexpensive, readily available, and proven material for use in asphalt production, it is the position of NJAPA that they should be working to increase RAP percentages rather than adding requirements for the use of recycled glass. To reveiw Senate Bill 4145 click here.