FAA Technical Center Tour

FAA Technical Center Tour | NJAPA

The NJAPA toured the FAA Technical Center at Atlantic City International Airport on June 6th. Attended by 16 NJAPA Members, the tour was focused on pavement research for airports.

The group was escorted through both heavy vehicle simulator facilities by Jeff Gagnon, Manager of Airport Pavement Research & Development and heard from research staff on the on-going experiments being performed. The FAA is testing airport pavements for rutting and fatigue under real-world conditions using full weight simulators. Testing pavements of varying components, including high RAP content, warm mix additives, and variable depths, the FAA Tech Center is able to direct the implementation of new technology throughout the US and globally.

In addition to testing variations on pavement composition, one of the research projects involves testing asphalt pavement as an overlay on existing concrete slabs. Using a modified Overlay Tester, the FAA has constructed a full-scale model of this and is testing the asphalt for crack initiation and propagation over the concrete pavement joints.

The tour participants were hosted by NJAPA staff at the Atlantic City Country Club for a reception and update on Association activities and advocacy efforts.